Below you will find resources for both current  Common Investment Fund (CIF) participants, and those who may wish to become participants in the  Common Investment Fund (CIF).

Current Common Investment Fund (CIF) Participants 

Common Investment Fund (CIF) Withdrawal Request Form 
This form is used to formally request a withdrawal from the Common Investment Fund.
Please Note: If you would like to receive these fund through electronic deposit rather than a paper check, you must complete the Direct Deposit Common Investment Fund (CIF) Form below. 

 Direct Deposit Authorization - Common Investment Fund (CIF) Form
This form is used to authorize the Diocese to electronically disperse investment withdrawals directly to the bank account associated with the congregation making the request.


New Common Investment Fund (CIF) Participants

Common Investment Fund (CIF) Agreement 
This agreement is to be completed by the congregation that would like the Diocese to administer their investment funds.


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