Statement from Bishop Poulson

Statement from Bishop Poulson

Bishop Poulson shares with us a short message regarding the passing Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old nonbinary student at Owasso High School. 

 Dear Friends in Oklahoma,

I’ve been saddened to hear this week the reports of a 16-year-old identifying as non-binary, a student at Owasso High School, dying on February 8 after being in a fight in a school bathroom on February 7. There are conflicting reports about what occurred and why, and investigations are ongoing. But for now, the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma states again our respect for the dignity of every human being, and we pray for Nex Benedict and for their family and friends:

O God, whose beloved Son took children into his arms and 
blessed them: Give us grace to entrust Nex to your never-
failing care and love, and bring us all to your heavenly 
kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and 
reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for 
ever. Amen.

Bishop Poulson 


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