Advent Resources

Advent Resources

Basecamp is your best place to get all the Advent Resources and ideas (along with other liturgical or seasonal materials.)  If you are not on the Basecamp list, please let us know and we will add you. Basecamp is divided into several sections so we can funnel the appropriate information to you: Children, Youth and Young Adults, Adults, and Clergy.

Advent Resources

If your church is doing something special for the Advent Season, let the Diocese know. We want to celebrate with you the good works and share your ideas to encourage others throughout Oklahoma.

Interactive Prayer Stations for Advent III

From Building Faith, other ideas for prayer stations

Building Faith

Advent at Home in Community

Slow Down. Quiet. It’s Advent!    2019 Advent Calendar

Jesse Tree Set  - A Jesse Tree is a way of preparing for Advent by journeying through the stories on Jesus's family tree.  Each day of Advent read a Bible Story about someone on Jesus's family tree and hang an ornament symbolizing the story on your Jesse Tree.  As you decorate your tree, you'll see how God prepared Jesus to be born through many generations.

St. Nicholas Center – Everything you want to know about St. Nicholas!


Living Compass has two ways to look at Advent:  These can be emailed to you daily for free or you can purchase the entire book. SPANISH EDITION will soon be available.




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