Tornado Damage at St. Mark's Seminole

Tornado Damage at St. Mark's Seminole

On Wednesday May 4th, a large tornado tracked through downtown Seminole. We have learned St. Mark's Seminole has suffered significant damage especially to the steeple, roof, and doors.  The best ways to help the congregation of Saint Mark’s, Seminole as they recover are first, to pray, and second, to give financially.

Below is a message from Bishop Poulson on the damage at St. Mark's Seminole and how you can help St. Mark's recover.


Message from Bishop Poulson


Dear Friends in Christ in Oklahoma,

Today we are seeing the damage from last night’s tornadoes in Oklahoma. Saint Mark’s, Seminole has taken significant damage, especially the steeple, roof, and doors. There is also major tree damage there. The clergy, canons, and I have been in touch with Deacon Cyntha Gilks-Ayres, and Senior Warden Mary Bryan. We have assured them of our continued prayers, as well as any support needed as the church is repaired. We are also praying for and reaching out to those who live or work in Seminole to offer any needed assistance to the people there. Thanks be to God, so far there are no reports of deaths or major injuries, but the damage, especially to the downtown area, was widespread.

We have also been in touch with Saint Crispin’s Conference Center and Camp. They are without power and water but did not have major damage to the buildings or property.

There will be opportunities to help those affected by these dangerous storms, and we will share that information as soon as we have it. For now, let us pray for all those who are cleaning up, injured, and in shock today while giving thanks that the damage was not even worse.

Bishop Poulson


How can you help?


To give electronically CLICK HERE  in the drop-down tab select the fund for St. Mark's Seminole Tornado Assistance.

You may also send a check, checks can be made payable to the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma, and write in the line St. Mark’s Seminole. We will be in touch as those needs change.




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