Safeguarding God's Children

Safeguarding God's Children

Ministry with children and youth, like much of the work Jesus Christ has given us to do, is a ministry of relationships. Children, youth and adult supervisors, parents, clergy, and other volunteers come into contact with one another to share their lives, worship, have fun, and explore how their spiritual beliefs shape their lives. 

Jesus Christ calls us to loving relationships that are healthy and helpful to each other, not taking advantage of those who are weaker or putting people in situations that are inappropriate for their age or maturity. All persons involved in ministry with children and youth, whether child, youth or adult, deserve to be treated as Jesus Christ would treat them, with love, respect, and kindness.

All participants in ministry to children and youth deserve to be in a safe environment; which includes, but is not limited to, an environment that is free from harassment, abuse, and misconduct. These policies are meant to help provide for such an environment.  For a detailed timeline of who needs to get safeguarding training, when and how often CLICK HERE.

Policies for Congregational Ministries with Children or Youth

Diocesan Safeguarding God's Children Policies (updated: 5/11/2011)

Supplemental Material & Recommended Forms

CONFIDENTIAL Notice of Concern

 Safeguarding Timeline

If you have any questions regarding these policies, or need to make a report, please contact:
The Rev. Canon Eric Cooter
Canon to the Ordinary
Phone: (405) 232-4820

924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820
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