Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training Online 

To make Safeguarding Training more accessible to all individual in the diocese, we are now allowing Safeguarding Training to be taken on-line. This could be your first training or renewal. This opportunity allows church members to do the training at home, on their schedule.
What does this require? Someone from the church needs to become an Administrator. This could be the church secretary or a volunteer. Administrators will be responsible for entering the individuals into the computer system of Praesidium. They would need the person’s name, month and day of birth, and email address. This information will generate a password. The individual will need to know their password and how to get into the system.
Once I get the name of the church Administrator, I give permission to Praesidium to set up the church. Praesidium will reach out to the Administrator with information, and I will provide a copy of my training letter, which sets out the instructions to log in and see what trainings are required.
This new system allows all churches to know when individuals need to up-date their training, and to print out their own certificates.
To establish your account, please contact Kate Bond, or call 405 232 4820.

924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820
Hours: 9 am to 5 pm CST


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