Our Family and Early Oklahoma by Estelle Conklin Hoffman

Our Family and Early Oklahoma by Estelle Conklin Hoffman

This month's history highlight features Estelle Conklin Hoffman and her husband, Roy Hoffman.The diocesan archive maintains histories of Episcopal churches throughout Oklahoma and Indian Territories, but more broadly, it contains documents related to the historical development of the state. One autobiography in the archive that stands out was written by the wife of Roy Hoffman, Estelle Conklin Hoffman.

Estelle Hoffman was a committed Episcopalian in Oklahoma. She was a regular attendee of numerous Episcopal Church Women state and national events and a generous donor to the diocese. At seventy-four, she wrote a biographical sketch of her family's and husband's life in Oklahoma – "Our Family and Early Oklahoma." She aimed to chronicle and preserve her husband's participation in the history of Oklahoma, firmly believing that his "interests and activities were part and parcel of the heritage of the new state."

The manuscript outlines Roy's life within the territory and state and concludes with his later years. This biography leaves little doubt Roy Hoffman was a significant contributor to the territory's maturation into statehood. It is a meticulous and fascinating history of the characters, events, and exploits of a man who participated in European rebellions and war. Without Estelle's detailed recollection, a part of Oklahoma's history and heritage would be forever lost.

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