Liturgy Leadership Festival 2018

Liturgy Leadership Festival 2018

This past Saturday, June 9th, St. Paul’s Cathedral was alive with participants at the annual Liturgy Leadership Festival. The group began with a Festival Morning Prayer and heard from Bishop Ed about their roles and responsibilities as ministers of the liturgy.

Attendees to the workshop on being a Eucharistic Visitor, led by The Rev. Tony Moon, were the first recipients of the newly prepared Handbook for Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Visitors. Copies of this Handbook will soon be available on the Diocesan Website!

Older Acolytes made dove banners and celebration streamers and went on a Selfie Scavenger Hunt of the Cathedral. The younger Acolytes also made hand-held streamers and spent time in the Nave using them.
Other workshops included Communication Ministry, Coordinating the Acolyte Ministry, Creative Church Space, and Keeping Your Church Safe.

Many thanks to all the willing hands providing workshops: Matthew Herrin, the Rev. Dion Crider, Patricia Riden, Jack Barrett, Nicole Baxley, Gavin Marshall, the Rev. Emily Schnabl, Mary Snyder, the Rev. Paul Snyder.

It was a wonderful event for all!

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