Hope for the Harvest

Hope for the Harvest

by the Rev. Canon Susan Brown Snook, Canon for Church Growth and Development

Small churches are beautiful! As I’ve traveled around the diocese visiting our smaller churches, I’ve seen many ways in which our small churches are transforming lives. Some of the life transformation happens because people in these churches love and take care of each other; some happens because small churches can do ministry in their communities in mighty ways.

Many of our small churches also ask me: How can we grow? How can we become more vital, reach more young people, and stabilize our situation so the church can survive for decades more?

That’s what our Hope for the Harvest: The Small Church at its Best event is all about. Our diocese is co-sponsoring this event with the local ELCA Lutheran Synod in five regional locations in our diocese on February 26th and March 9th. The conference is about exploring your church’s special gifts; considering the needs, hopes and dreams of your community; and discerning what kind of ministry God is calling you to pursue.

For churches with ASA up to about 60 or so, this one-day workshop will enable clergy-lay teams to consider their own ministries, share ideas with each other, and worship together with other Episcopalians and Lutherans. We ask that you send a team from your church (we suggest at least 3 people, but more are welcome!), who are prepared to engage with the material. There is some advance preparation work to do: a Bible study that considers mission; putting together information about one ministry or event your church has done recently to share with others; and reviewing your church’s demographics (which I will provide). Engaging in the advance preparation will enable you and the others who attend to benefit most fully from your participation.

You are welcome to register for whichever of the regional events is most convenient for your schedule. Our speaker, Carrie Boren Headington, will appear live at the event on February 26th, and this presentation will be recorded for video presentation at the other events on March 9th. There is a lot of interpersonal team work and discussion involved at the event, so it’s way more than a presentation. It’s an opportunity for your leadership team to consider how God is calling your church.

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924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm CST


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