Farewell to Fr. Bright

Farewell to Fr. Bright

On August 12th, we said our official goodbyes to Fr. Bright and his family.

After the Thanksgiving prayer at the end of the Eucharist, Deacon Steve presided over a "going forth" liturgy with most of the congregation surrounding Fr. Bright and his family. Father Bright gave the blessing, and after the final hymn, we gathered in the parish hall for a festive lunch.

After much good food, our Senior Warden, Richard Winterrowd, reviewed our last five years together. He highlighted many of the things we have accomplished as we looked at pictures in a timeline titled "Five Bright Years". Many gifts were presented to Fr. Bright and Monyue. We had to say goodbye to Tinika long distance. since she was already in Florida to start school.

Godspeed to Fr. Bright, Monyue, and Tinika as they leave us to begin a new ministry in Florida!


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