Vestry Academy

Vestry Academy

Over 200 vestry members from 53 of our 68 congregations attended Vestry Academy on March 26th at St. Crispin's Conference Center, making it one of our most attended academies ever! Vestry members learned, laughed, collaborated, & grew in God's love!

Vestry members could choose from three tracks, Vestry essentials, leading for congregational vitality, or planned giving. All tracks were well attended, and members learned vital skills. 

The weekend started with a Fireside chat with Bishop Poulson. Senior Wardens and Clergy members were invited. Guests had the opportunity to ask Bishop questions relating to programs, ministry, and congregational vitality. 

The Canon for Congregational Vitality, the Rev. Steve Carlsen, and the Director of Faith Formation and Discipleship Kate Bond led vestry members through several vitality workshops. Canon Steve and Kate guided members through a new peer practice called Dwelling in the Word; click HERE to learn more about this practice. 

The Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev. Eric Cooter, led members in conflict resolution workshops. Canon Eric showed several instructional videos that gave members examples and ideas of how to meditate and work with others. The Canon for Finance, Will Buchanan, taught members about finances and ways to save money. Our Diocesan Chancellor Bill Cathcart teamed up with Canon Will on educating members about legal and church business. 

See you next year! 



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