Emmanuel, Shawnee Blue Zones Approved

Emmanuel, Shawnee Blue Zones Approved

It’s a special and exciting day as Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Shawnee, is honored as the first Blue Zones Project Approved™ Faith-based Organization in Pottawatomie County! Emmanuel Episcopal is the first church in Shawnee, and the state of Oklahoma, to achieve this approval status.

Driven by the leadership of Father Tom Dahlman; Youth & Family Minister, Beth Canaday; and the Blue Zones Committee made up of Jack Barrett, and Barbara and Larry Smith, Emmanuel Episcopal Church has made numerous strides to improve the well-being of their congregation.

A few key components in Emmanuel’s approval include:
- Offering multiple Purpose Workshops to their congregation and the community

- Engaging their youth in community volunteerism through community gardening

- Inclusion of healthy food offerings at all social events

- Encouraging and celebrating their congregation’s commitment to #movenaturally during Bike to Church month

Faith-based organizations play a valuable role in well-being. Longevity research indicates that people who practice their faith by attending a service at least once a month can add four to 14 years to their lives. The type of faith practiced doesn’t matter as much as the benefits of fellowship and possibly trusting in a power greater than one’s self.

Stay tuned for details on a ribbon-cutting ceremony to recognize Emmanuel Episcopal’ s stellar accomplishment! #community #bzppottawatomie


924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm CST


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