The Rev. Kay Boman Harvey celebrates 40 years of service at St. Crispin’s Summer Camp

The Rev. Kay Boman Harvey celebrates 40 years of service at St. Crispin’s Summer Camp

Deacon Kay Boman- Harvey, commonly known as Kay-Bo, has shared her gifts with the St. Crispin’s community for over 40 years. Kay-Bo has served many selfless roles at camp, including being a camp counselor, chaplain, and camp dean with her long-time dean partner Mary Susan Whaley. Kay-Bo first came to camp in the summer of 1982, serving as a cabin counselor with Georgia Lynn Henry Gates. She was first invited into the camp community by the Rev. Noel Doherty and others. For Kay, youth ministry has always been a passion of hers. She has served over 37 years as a teacher in Oklahoma, she has attended 5 Episcopal Youth Events, and she will be attending her 5th general convention this summer. 

Kay shared with us what stands out the most over her 40 years of ministry at St. Crispin’s, “The relationships are number one; there are just too many people to count. The circle of impact at St. Crispin’s is truly incredible and I am now getting the chance to spend time with the children of former campers, who are campers and counselors now.” 

Kay commented on the formation of her spiritually at St. Crispin’s, “I would not be a deacon if I haven’t felt that call here in St Crispin’s, my lay ministry began in this place, and it developed into ordained ministry. This is my spiritual home, the place where I can turn off highway 9, and the world turns off, and I can focus on my relationship with God.” 

Thank you, Deacon Kay-Bo for loving our camp community and sharing your gifts with us! 


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