Godly Play

Godly Play

In August and September, three of our congregations hosted Godly Play trainings with Teresa Phares, our Children & Youth Coordinator. Teresa is a certified Gold Play trainer. A total of over 40 people attended these trainings, from 10 different congregations. At the trainings, Godly Play practitioners had a chance to learn more about the Godly Play method, play with some of the stories, and get themselves ready to offer another cycle of Godly Play stories to the children in their circles!

Teresa shared her love for Godly Play, "Godly Play is a powerful method for nurturing children's spirituality. By gathering in a community together to hear stories, we offer children the opportunity to wonder, to experience the mystery and joy of God, and to make meaning in their world. I have seen how Godly Play changes the culture of a church- it cultivates an environment  where children are respected, valued, and welcomed as full members of the church community. And these children are formed in a space that gives them tools to reflect theologically and seek answers to their faith questions." 

Contact Teresa id you have questions about Godly Play or any other children’s  curriculum. 


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