Oakerhater Construction Begins

Oakerhater Construction Begins

This past Monday, January 21st, we officially broke ground on the Oakerhater Lodge construction project at St. Crispin’s Camp and Conference Center!

For over 50 years, St. Crispin’s has been an important place of ministry in our diocese. Each summer, nearly 700 youth attend our summer camp and continue to build relationships, leadership skills and grow spiritually through the course of their adolescent years. In addition, our conference center provides a productive space in a beautiful natural setting for retreats, teambuilding activities, leadership formation, educational seminars, and numerous other types of events for groups in our own diocese and all over the country.

In evaluating what steps would be most appropriate to help St. Crispin’s continue to grow both as a camp and as a conference center, we knew we needed to evaluate Oakerhater Lodge’s capacity to meet the future needs of St. Crispin’s. It was evident that the current structure suffered from irreparable structural damage and, to remain sustainable, would require extensive renovations to bring the building up to modern standards. After evaluating numerous options, the determination was made that the most cost-effective option would be to completely rebuild the structure in the same footprint as the current Oakerhater Lodge and add additional levels.

In rebuilding Oakerhater Lodge, we will increase our capacity by 300%, which will provide the additional accommodations we need to support the continued growth of our conference center while not compromising our commitment to an intimate, inclusive, safe and affirming environment. In addition to the additional lodging space, this new structure will maintain the current look and feel of our grounds.

The mission of our diocese is to transform lives in the love of Jesus Christ. One important place in which this mission is lived out, is at St. Crispin’s Conference Center and Camp. This renovation will allow us to live deeper into that mission by expanding our capacity to serve. Thank you to all helping to support this vital ministry of our diocese.


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