Diocesan Convention

Virtual Diocesan Convention

Hosted by St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Broken Arrow

November 7th, 2020
"For such a time as this"


Guest Speakers:
The Rt. Rev. Carlye J. Hughes
Bishop of Newark

We are pleased to announce the plans for the 83rd Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma!

This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the convention will be held virtually, presented in a webinar format. This one-day convention will feature many of the same events, starting with Holy Eucharist, where we will install the new Canon to the Ordinary, The Reverend Eric Cooter, and hear from our guest preacher, The Right Reverend Carlye J. Hughes, Bishop of Newark. 

The Rt. Rev. Carlye J. Hughes was ordained as the XI Bishop of Newark in 2018. Her greatest delight is shepherding the needs and opportunities for ministry in the diocese. Raised as the daughter of a successful high school sports coach, she sees herself as the “Head Coach of Spiritual Life and Formation” in the Diocese of Newark. Her ministry is shaped by an oversight that empowers others to embrace and live boldly into their own ministry beyond the doors of the church. Her vision for the diocese is a simple one: change the world by taking God’s love everywhere we go. Bishop Hughes is grateful to the many parishes, clergy, and lay leaders that have blessed her ministry all through her life. She is a proud graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary and a strong supporter of all Episcopal Seminaries. 

After Eucharist, we will conduct normal convention business before rounding out convention with the Bishop’s Address.  For many of you, this will be the first time to hear from our newly elected and consecrated Bishop of Oklahoma, The Right Reverend Poulson Reed.  Bishop Reed will share the Word and lay out his plan for the future of our Diocese.

There is no cost, to you, for convention this year!

Prior to convention, each Clergy and Delegate will be sent a registration link for convention.  Please register as soon as you get this in your inbox.  This registration will be your key to other materials and information regarding convention.  Closer to convention, you will be sent another link to click, watch, and participate!  Only Clergy and Delegates will have access to the webinar link.  Alternates, Guests and Spouses will be asked to watch the convention on the Episcopal Diocese YouTube channel.

Clergy and Delegates are asked to have access to their own computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone to participate in the virtual convention.  You will be asked to vote via your device so your computer will be your voice and vote.  Delegates cannot share devices as each device counts as one vote.  If you are an elected delegate and will not have access to your own device, please ask to be replaced by one of your alternates.  Due to the circumstances of this year’s virtual convention, there will be no exceptions to having your own device.

We know that these are unusual times and are very sad that we can’t all come together in the same space, but we are working very hard to move forward and stay connected through this presentation and hope to be together as one body again next year.

Questions concerning this year's convention? Please reach out to the Convention Secretary, Melanie Wignall at mwignall@cox.net or (918) 606-0374.

welcome letter

Regional Pre-Convention Meeting Schedule


Schedule of Events


8:30am ZOOM webinar          Open Check-in Begins
9:00am Holy Eucharist    The Rt. Rev. Carlye J. Hughes – Guest Preacher
10:15am Break        Determine Quorum
Installation of Convention Delegates      Secretary
Bishop’s Welcome    Bishop
Declaration of a Quorum      Secretary
Elect Secretary of Convention    Election Chair
Report on Parishes and Missions      Treasurer
Report on the Adoption of Rules            Secretary
of Convention
Report on the Agenda for Convention     Secretary
Appoint to Committees of Convention   Bishop
Declaration that Convention is Open   Bishop
Consideration of Canonical Amendments     Gary Derrick
Ratification of Prior Acts     Gary Derrick
Report on Certification of Minutes    Secretary
Adoption of the Advance Reports    Dispatch of Business
Welcome and Introductions             Bishop
Report on Nominations Nominations Chair (Standing Comm. & Dis Board)
Announce Appointments to be    Bishop
Ratified by Convention
2021 Budget Presentation      Treasurer
Vote on the 2021 Budget      Treasurer
Vote on 2021 Mutual Ministry Support      Treasurer
11:30am Break
Report on St. Crispin’s Oakerhater     VIDEO PRESENTATION
Report on Constitution and Canons      Gary Derrick
Report on Resolutions Committee    Resolutions Chair
Bishops Address     The Rt. Rev. Poulson C. Reed
Report on Elections      Secretary
                        Commissioning of Newly Elected    Bishop
                        And Appointed
Courtesy Resolutions    Resolutions Chair
2021 Convention Announcement      Rev. Shelby Scott
Word of Thanks   Bishop
Closing Prayers and Benediction   Bishop
Adjournment    Bishop 



Registration emails have been sent to all clergy and delegates.  Please register as soon as you get the email.
If you did not receive the registration link and you were supposed to, please email Melanie Wignall at mwignall@cox.net.


Individual delegates, vestries or regional councils may submit nominations.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in this very important process; however Senior Wardens and Delegates are especially encouraged to give their prayerful consideration regarding persons whose names are to be placed in nomination. Any Adult communicant in good standing is eligible for nomination.

The delegates to the Annual Convention will be responsible for electing the following officers and delegates:

Standing Committee: 1 Clergy and 1 Adult Lay Communicant
Disciplinary Board: 2 Clergy and 1 Adult Lay Communicant* 

*Those considering lay nomination to the Disciplinary Board please note the following Canonical requirement.
5.4.1. Composition of the Disciplinary Board. The Diocese has a Disciplinary Board, from which Conference Panels and Hearing Panels are selected. The Board is composed of nine members elected by the Convention of the Diocese. Of the members, five are to be members of the Clergy canonically resident in the Diocese, and four are to be adult Lay Communicants in good standing, who are attorneys duly licensed in Oklahoma. A member of the Standing Committee may serve on the Board. 

submit here


Please submit your resolution in the format shown on the Resolution form.  The actual resolution will contain BE IT RESOLVED and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED clauses only, The BACKGROUND MATERIAL and WHEREAS clauses are encouraged, so that the resolution may be fully understood.  Name(s) of the author(s) and/or resource person(s) willing to speak to the resolution along with contact information must be included.  

Each resolution will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee, so please include contact information with the resolution.  In the case of duplicate resolutions, contact with the authors will be made for a possible merging.
Those presenting resolutions should be prepared to provide the leadership necessary for whatever action is being proposed.  Please do not pass the responsibility for the enactment of a resolution to a group unless that group is willing to commit to its implementation.  

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Convention Documents


924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm CST


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