The Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma serves as the corporate and ministerial memory in Oklahoma. It is the primary historical repository of The Episcopal Church in Oklahoma’s mission, ministries, parishes, congregations, and people.

Its core mission is to collect and preserve records of enduring value relative to the history and contributions of the diocese, bishops, parishes, missions, institutions, and undertakings. Its collection contains closed church registers, church historical papers, Oklahoma diocese convention journals, diocesan newsletters, papers related to the diocesan history, bishop, and suffragan bishop papers. Additionally, materials related to Cheyenne Deacon David P. Oakerhater, the first Native American saint of the Episcopal church, is part of the repository.

A generous grant from the Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant Program enabled the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma Archive to digitize select photographs and documents and partner with the Oklahoma Historical Society’s digital portal, The Gateway to Oklahoma History. Our participation in the portal allows national and international researchers to become acquainted with the remarkable history of the Episcopal church in Oklahoma. The images are a small portion of the vast historical holdings preserved since 1893 and reflect Episcopal ancestors’ spiritual, economic, and cultural contribution to Oklahoma. In the coming years, more papers, recordings, and photographs will be uploaded to the website. We are proud to partner with the largest historical institution and repository in the state and The Gateway to Oklahoma History. We hope this is just the beginning of open access to Episcopalian history in Oklahoma. The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma collection may be accessed at

We have liturgical items that are available to churches from the Diocesan archive. Please review our dropbox photographs and listing if your church has a need.

This pamphlet was created as a resource for Parish Priests, Vestry and Parish Archivists to manage their records and historical papers. If you would like additional information about preserving your parish archives, please contact the Diocesan Archivist. 

The archive is located at The Episcopal Diocesan Center, 924 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City For assistance and information, please call the Archivist, Pam Bell, 405.232.4820 or email

Pam Bell  MA CA

924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820
Hours: 9 am to 5 pm CST