Preparing for NEXT Christmas - Activity Boxes/Bags/Totes

December 10, 2018
Christmas may be over, but it is never too early to begin preparing for NEXT Christmas! Take advantage of Post-Christmas sales now to stock-up on supplies for this year, and years to come! The idea of using “Busy Bags” (tote bags) or “boxes” is a nice w...


Let's Journey Together

December 09, 2018
By Sabrina Evans, Director of Christian Formation Christian Formation resources specifically designed for small churches!  One of the things that is on my (Christian Formation’s) to-do list for 2019 is to provide specific formation resources for our small churches...


New Resources

November 16, 2018
We have several new resources in the office that are available for sharing with our churches:  80 Creative Prayer Ideas – A resource for church and group use by Claire Daniel. It has ideas for setting up prayer stations, praying that involves the senses – to...


Godly Play Develops "At Home" Lessons and Materials

August 13, 2018
To try and meet a need of Christian Formation in the home, a new book, Stories of God at Home, using the Godly Play method, has been authored by Jerome Berryman. A new webpage has been prepared to assist with these materials. On the Godly Play Resources page you can see t...


Being a Godparent

July 19, 2018
Our Book of Common Prayer has some instructions on Baptism regarding Godparents.  Sponsors of adults and older children present their candidates and thereby signify their endorsement of the candidates and their intention to support them by prayer and example in their Ch...


Do You Know - Liturgical Colors in the Church

July 19, 2018
    Most of you have a calendar at your home or at least on your phone. Did you know the church has a special calendar called a Liturgical calendar? The calendar is thought of in circular terms and has 52 blocks representing the weeks. There are three major fea...


5 Types of Sunday School Curriculum

June 07, 2018
Before you read this article, please note these things: (1) There is no one official curriculum of the Episcopal Church. (2) There is no one "perfect" curriculum." Even curriculum written with an Episcopal slant may need to be adjusted to fit your church. (3) The Dioce...


Resources for Summer, Advent, and Lent

May 18, 2018
This summer, a friend of mine shared her 2018 Summer Faith On The Go Kits, a pineapple beach bag (even the bag has meaning) with suggestions and items for family prayer experiences. Last year’s sand buckets were popular; hope these are too! Using Salt Projects Sing! Play!...


New Liturgical Calendars for 2018-19 Available

May 15, 2018
As we near the end of the current school year, some churches end their Christian Formation programming also. How do we begin to plan for the fall? First thing, make sure you have the current Liturgical Calendar. Sharon Pearson from Church Publishing updates this every year...


Summer Ideas for Continued Formation

March 21, 2018
What Can You Offer in Summer? Looking to keep Christian Formation going during the summer? Looking for some suggestions to build community when some may be taking a break? Here are a few ideas: Movie night - These are possible to hold outside and make it a community-w...


Small Churches and Formation

March 09, 2018
I have been doing some work with small Churches on how to begin a Sunday morning program of formation. The concern is how to divide up the adults to cover lessons for children and youth when there are a few adults to begin with. Probably the easiest way would be to look at some...


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