Adult Camp at St. Crispin's

Adult Camp at St. Crispin's
July 3 - 5

Adult Camp (ages 25+): July 3rd - 5th
Have you ever wished you could go back to Summer Camp one more time? Did you miss the chance as a camper and feel like you missed out? Well, here’s your opportunity to take be a kid again. This year over the 4th of July holiday (June 3rd – 5th), come and join us at St. Crispin’s. Relive (or experience for the first time!) the friendships, and the fun at this specially designed Camp for those 25 and older. You will be staying in the new summer camp facilities, which are clean, modern, and have that new camp smell.
Up-dated camp meals and lots of new activities will be available for you to enjoy.
Adult Camp*:
• Tier 1 $180
• Tier 2 $170
• Tier 3 $165
* Please note that Adult Camp prices are for single-sex cabins only.
You can register here

Come and be a kid again!


924 N. Robinson I Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 232-4820


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