Caring for Each Other During COVID-19

Caring for Each Other During COVID-19

A note from Diocesan Disaster Response Coordinator, the Rev. Paul Snyder on taking care of each other during the covid-19 quarantine.

We are in an unusual time and we need to adopt and be aware. As we know, Lent calls us to self reflect, add new things or do without something to help us focus on our relationship with God.  Fasting from church, communion and time together gives us time to reflect and look forward to when we can be physically together again. And what an amazing Easter that will be!

While we wait for this celebration, it is very important to check on the shut ins and each other. This time is very hard on people who live alone or may suffer from mental stress. Isolation can cause depression and the more depressed a person becomes, the less likely they are to reach out to anyone.

Depression can cause someone to hurt themselves or others, in other words you need to call them and not wait for them to call you. Maybe part of your Lenten discipline is to check in on two or three people a day. One person made the suggestion that you could drive up in front of someone’s house and call them, you stay in your car and they come to the glass door so they can see you and even wave at you while you talk on the phone.

Many clergy have been enacting a phone tree system where several people in the community have a list of several people and/or families to check in on each week.

Use your imagination to stay in touch with others and to continue to share Christ’s Love.

2 Timothy 1:7
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
Christ’s Peace be with you,

The Rev. Paul Snyder, Deacon (St. Christopher’s, Midwest City)
Diocesan Disaster Response Coordinator


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