Payroll Processing Notice

Payroll Processing Notice

The Diocese serves as payroll processor for 45+ churches and institutions, a service which we provide for no fee. We understand the importance of this service, and we are committed to continue; however, certain requirements must be met. 

Martha Smith has been serving on the Diocesan staff for ten years. Among her many duties is processing payroll for more than 45 congregations and institutions in our Diocese. This is a service provided free of charge, saving not only the costs of payroll processing but also countless hours of staff time around the Diocese—time available instead for growing vitality in our congregations. All Diocesan Finance team members view themselves as increasing congregational vitality, providing support, consultation, and expertise so that Clergy and lay leaders can focus on ministry. All members of the Diocesan staff have congregational vitality as our primary goal. 

Martha Smith, our Diocesan Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, shared her thoughts, "Our Finance Department team is committed to providing our churches and institutions with the support they need to navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape. The Finance Team is constantly reviewing and refining our processes and services to the Diocese. The continued ministries of our churches and institutions throughout the Diocese is a blessing to the communities they serve." 

We are highlighting Martha's service to our congregations because she needs help. She and Canon Will have recently communicated with clergy and administrative staff around the Diocese. She cannot individually call congregations when they miss deadlines to submit timesheets for pay periods. One or two late submissions cannot jeopardize the entire payroll of our Diocese, congregations, and institutions. In the future, any late submissions can no longer be accepted. 

Our Canon for Finance/CFO, Will Buchanan, shared his thoughts, "It is an honor to serve our congregations. All we do has its primary purpose to ensure financial sustainability and vitality in our churches and in our institutions."

If you have worked in business, you know how important this is and how valuable this free service is to our congregations. If you are an employee, an administrator, a clergy person, or a vestry/bishop's committee member, please ensure you have a process in place to meet the deadlines. We want everyone to be paid on time and continue providing this service to our congregations. 

The memo about payroll processes can be found here. 

Adherence to these guidelines assists us in providing timely and accurate payroll submissions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Martha Smith at or Canon Will Buchanan at


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