Province 7 Bishops' Letter

Province 7 Bishops' Letter

Bishop Poulson recently signed a province 7 Bishops' letter. Read a message from him below. 

Dear Friends in Oklahoma,

Recently, one of the bishops in our Province wrote a piece to which almost all of us signed on. While I didn’t write it, and would say some things differently, I agree with its basic points. Namely: that bishops are not political pundits and are pastors equally to those of all political affiliations; that immigration policy is a major challenge in need of real solutions and bi-partisanship; that denigrating immigrants is wrong, especially with racist language; and that, in this tense political season, Christian leaders ought to speak clearly with regard to theology, and call upon all to follow “the better angels of our nature.” Read the statement below.

The Right Reverend Poulson Reed, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma

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