Missioner for Strategic Development

Missioner for Strategic Development

We are excited to announce a new staff hire, the Missioner for Strategic Development, the Rev. Nate Carr. 

We are excited to welcome the Rev. Nathan Carr to the Diocesan staff as the new Missioner for Strategic Development. In this new role, Fr. Nate will work to discover the strategic use of church property to create connections with the surrounding community and, in turn, create alternate income streams for congregations. 

Fr. Nate will begin his part-time role on April 15th. He is Vicar of St. John's OKC, a vibrant mission with two on-site schools and a dog park. As a bivocational priest, he is Headmaster of The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, a 3-campus Christian School of Classics in Oklahoma City serving 1,000 K-12 students across the metro. 

He and his wife Sarah have six kids and are a part of the ownership and management of Commonplace Books. He is also the author of The Festive School, his first book released in 2023, with his School Breviary set to release later this year. Nathan is interested in all things children and is on the creative edge of new endeavors ranging from travel companies to helping establish and plant several other schools. He has developed things as far-flung as dog parks and walking trails, as well as investor recruitment in commercial real estate. 

Fr. Nate shared with us what he is excited about in his new role, "God has put the means of grace at our very fingertips--let's find courageous ways that are in missional and sacramental lock-step with our calling as Christians, and let's run. Let's run hard. The Diocese of Oklahoma is one of the few places where such fortitude within the prophetic imagination is being celebrated and let loose. What a gift to have our Bishop and his diocese staff prayerfully pushing us in this direction." 

Bishop Poulson commented on the new hire, "Father Nate Carr has demonstrated over many years, and in numerous projects, remarkable gifts for bringing together mission with financial sustainability. I'm delighted that, in this very part-time role with the diocese, he will be bringing his entrepreneurial energy to help our congregations do the same." 


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