All Saint's McAlester Fundraiser

All Saint's McAlester Fundraiser

The Episcopal Church Women of All Saint's McAlester resumed a many-year tradition for community fellowship and fundraising with their Wine and Cheese SoirĂ©e on Friday evening, July 15. This event, including the musical talents of the barbershop quartet Sound Decision, has always been for the purpose of raising money for the outreach needs in the  community as well as targeted ministries within the parish.

Written by The Rev. Janie Koch

In the years prior to COVID, parishioners looked forward to the opportunities each year to welcome the McAlester community into the church for the purpose of targeted outreach ministries.  There is much beauty in gathering everyone in the community together for a shared vision, and when that gathering also involves great food and fellowship, it is even sweeter.  This year has been quite different as All Saints has not engaged in the Soiree for two years.  Opening the church home to the community reminded them of the beautiful witness of hope and love.  Listening to the conversations and laughter as everyone moved about the room reconnecting with precious friends and family bolstered our faith in who we are as a community of believers while giving space for conversations and laughter that has been absent for these past two years.  Because of this event, the Episcopal Church Women in the All Saints church family will once again renew not only their outreach and witness to the McAlester and surrounding communities but also to the shared connections that we so strongly feel within our own church parishioners.


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