Mitch Biblehiemer & the Young Adult Service Corps

Mitch Biblehiemer & the Young Adult Service Corps

Meet Henry Mitchel Biblehiemer.  Mitch is a native Oklahoman that grew up attending St. James’ Wagoner and Grace, Muskogee.  He completed a degree in economics and international business form Oklahoma State University but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for a living.  That is when he decided to check out the YASC program he heard about while attending the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) a couple years before.

YASC stands for Young Adult Service Corps which is a ministry for Episcopalians ages 21-30 how desire to live and serve in communities around the world.  Applicants go through a process of discernment once they enter the program in order to assess their gifts, desires and where they might be a good fit among the worldwide partners.

Mitch was placed for a year appointment in the Philippines.  During his mission he served as an ambassador for the E-CARE Foundation.  E-CARE stands for Episcopal Community Action for Renewal and Empowerment.  It is a community based development program.  Mitch explains that the program “uses the resources around them to empower local community to increase income, to solve their own problems.  They teach folks how to use the resources around them to create small business and entrepreneurs.”

Mitch enjoyed his time so much he signed up for another year appointment in the Philippines to work on E-CARE projects.  Mitch is representing the Episcopal Dioceses of Oklahoma in these community transforming ministries of our wider church.  

To learn more about Mitch and his journey and how to support him please visit his blog website HERE and listen to our recent podcast interview with him on the Diocesan Digest.



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