All Saints Committal Ceremony For The Unclaimed

All Saints Committal Ceremony For The Unclaimed

All Saints Episcopal Church began as a hospital in the community of McAlester, a place for healing for the broken and hurting; we are also reminded that there are those in our community who are unable to be healed from their brokenness. Indeed, there are those in our community who pass away with no family or friend to claim them, to take them and offer comfortable words as their bodies are laid to rest.

Currently, there are the cremains of twenty-three people that were at Bishop Funeral Home and Crematorium who have been in "storage," some for over twenty years. One of these who have been in storage is a stillborn baby from 2001. These cremated remains have either not been claimed by family members or friends or who have been rejected because family and/or friends have no way to take the necessary next steps.

All Saints will be stepping in to this gap on behalf of these precious human beings. Because our heritage began as a hospital, a respite for the broken, we will now be the final resting place for those within our community who have had no final home for eternal healing. All Saints has now taken possession of the twenty-three cremated remains and will be offering them a proper committal service in our Columbarium. We will honor the lives of these humans created in the image of our Heavenly Father.

All Saints will offer a committal service for these unclaimed on All Soul's Day, Tuesday, November 2 at 6:30. All are welcome to attend as we pray for all the souls of the departed.



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