Pentecost Dove Flight Art Project

Pentecost Dove Flight Art Project

When Susie Walker Cassidy first saw pictures of Michael Pendry’s “Les Colombes” (the Doves), an art installation symbolizing hope and the Holy Spirit, at the National Cathedral, she immediately thought, "We should do that at St. Michael's". Thus the Dove Flight Art Project was born. 

Susie is an artist and enjoys finding ways to help others connect to the Holy Trinity through art. She enlisted the aid of members of the parish to help construct the doves. The doves are made out of white card stock. Each dove took about 20 minutes to make as the pieces required cutting, folding and taping. All together, our parish made over 170 doves for the dove flight.

Susie and her "dove flight crew" prepared the frame to hang the doves and got them arranged on the Thursday before Pentecost. The Saturday before Pentecost the crew came together to raise the frame onto the light rafters and then hang the doves from fishing line. The doves fly out from the cross to the center aisle and out the door of the nave. 

She has named the Dove Flight "COVID Awakenings". When asked what the doves meant to her she said that it represents the various changes that COVID-19 has caused in our lives, the reminders of things that are important, and the "breath of fresh air" that we are taking as we move forward in our lives as the CDC relaxes guidelines. The doves represent peace, love, and hope. 

The completed art project is stunning. As one person who saw the Dove Flight said, "What a labor of Love and the Spirit!" Other people called the piece "breathtaking", "amazing", and " beautiful and full of peace".

The "COVID Awakenings" Dove Flight will remain in place at least through the summer. Everyone is invited to come view the art project and encouraged to take some time to be still with God as they reflect on what the doves might mean to them. You can see the Dove Flight on Sunday mornings- service begins at 9:30 a.m.- or during normal church office hours- Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If coming during the week, we recommend calling the church office (405-321-8951) to make sure that staff hasn't been called away for an emergency.


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