Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day

Parishioners at Whirlwind Mission Episcopal Church acknowledged Orange Shirt Day, as a "Day for Truth and Reconciliation" in honor and remembrance of survivors and victims of the United States' now-defunct system of residential boarding schools for Native American children.

"My grandpa spoke English and my grandma spoke Cheyenne, she didn't understand," said Daisy Starr, reflecting on her family who were part of the boarding school ideology.

The Orange Shirt Day is a national movement to honor children who survived residential schools, to remember those who did not, and to share in a spirit of reconciliation and hope.
It is estimated some 150,000 children were taken from their homes and placed in boarding schools.

The local church met on a Tuesday evening to share stories of how their families were impacted. "They had numbers tattooed on their arms," said Starr, "I can remember that."
The congregation meets every Sunday morning in Watonga and is led by Deacon Rev. Pat Gonzales.

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The story is written by Darrel James,  a parishioner at The Whirlwind Mission.


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