St. Luke’s Bartlesville Urges Vaccinations

St. Luke’s Bartlesville Urges Vaccinations

Responding to Bishop Poulson’s recent appeal to increase community vaccinations, members of St. Luke’s Bartlesville distributed hundreds of vaccination information cards on Aug. 1-2 during the annual school backpack distribution held at the church. Created by members, the card contained the latest data on the state and local COVID situation and listed the many sites in Bartlesville where free vaccinations are available, most on a walk-in basis. Serving one or two-hour shifts, church volunteers met every parent or guardian coming through St. Luke’s doors with the message to make sure any unvaccinated person who’s eligible take advantage of the free vaccinations. Nearly 1,500 backpacks were picked up at the event, which has been hosted at St. Luke’s for many years and sponsored by the Washington County School Supply Drive. On the Sunday afternoon of Aug. 1, the line of parents and children waiting to pick up backpacks wrapped completely around the north and west sides of the church building.

Church members also worked with other community volunteers during the days leading up distribution by helping to pack dozens and dozens of backpacks. Countless compliments were received by the church from the event organizers as well as from the families benefitting from new, well-stocked backpacks.
In his message to all churches on July 28, Bishop Poulson urged congregations to “do everything in your power, with creativity and love, to increase the number of vaccinated people in your community (not just your congregation, but beyond).” St. Luke's is a great example of that. 



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