St. James, Wagoner, Tamalada 2019

St. James, Wagoner, Tamalada 2019

Saint James, Wagoner, Tamalada 2019! 

New member Robin Rodriguez-Higginbottom not only has a glorious singing voice, a wonderful family, and a valued presence in our midst; she also knows how to make some killer tamales!!  And, best of all, she asked if maybe we at St. James could have a tamale party since her own family was not able to do that now. 

Well, OF COURSE!!  And did we make tamales.  Many, many tamales.  Robin provided us clear information about preparing whatever meat we wanted to use -- like, cooking a roast slowly for 24 hours. Oh goodness, that smelled so good.  So, each member/family came on Saturday, December 22, bearing a pot full of fragrant tender meat, and our own sheet pans, and steamers and processed to our parish hall, hearts full of Christmas joy. 

Robin showed us how to mix our masa -- masa flour, meat juices, lard, paprika, and love -- and then guided us through the whole process of soaking corn husks and preparing them, spreading the masa, adding the meat, rolling the delicacies.  We made tons of tamales of all varieties -- beef, chicken, pork, veggie. 

We steamed those delights the allotted time, and QUE BUENO.... FELIZ ADVENT/ NAVIDAD...QUE GUSTO!!!

They have been delicious reminders of a special church family time together, learning something new and creating something wonderful.  And, we will put it on the calendar for next Christmas --some year, we might even take orders!

Blessings and prayers for health and love for all,

The Tamaladians of St. James Wagoner!


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