Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

This page includes resources for congregation audits, debt policy, discretionary funds, a link to the Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs, and the schedule of key report due dates.

Policy for Missions Expending Money
This policy outlines the requirements for missions requesting to expend funds


 Endowment  & Spending Policy

The form outlines the endowment and gift acceptance policy for the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma.

Congregation Audits

Audit Guide
This document lists the requirements from the Diocesan Canons for congregation audits. 

Audit Questionnaire
This is what each congregation must complete in order to complete the required annual audit.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Form
This form is to be completed on an annual basis by the vestry in order to ensure that the church has procedures in place in order to mitigate those significant risks which could have an adverse effect on the church and its operations.


Records Retention Policy

Records Retention Policy
The policy is to be used as a guideline for congregations, to provide assistance in determining which records to keep, and the period of time each record should be kept.


Congregation Debt

Congregation Debt Policy
This explains the guidelines and requirements prior to any congregation incurring any type of debt.
(Including, but not limited to: lines of credit, mortgage, promissory note, etc.)


Discretionary Funds

Discretionary Funds Policy
This document details the policy regarding the origin, purpose, and use of discretionary funds.


Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs 
This is a resource provided by The Episcopal Church to identify requirements and provide helpful advice on the topics of sound and practical internal controls, accounting guidelines, business practices, and more.


Schedule of Key Report Due Dates

Schedule of Key Report Due Dates 
This provides a summary of important required reporting due dates.


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